Below you will find our easy to use Mortgage Repayment Calculator which is based on the current lowed mortgage rate of 2.3%:

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Mortgage Repayment Calculator:

Our mortgage calculator helps potential homebuyers in Ireland compare the different rates being offered by lenders. Our calculator allows you to see if the rate you might pay is affordable.

It can calculate monthly repayments, of which sums will be amended depending on the length of your mortgage. The calculator will also show how much interest in total will be applied.

Our calculator is designed for the Irish market and should help to understand how much you can borrow and what the repayments are likely to be.

It is worth noting when using a our calculator, you do not read the results as an offer. It is simply used as an illustration of what you would more likely be paying, should the mortgage eventually be approved.

Lenders will invariably need to know a lot more about your financial health (like credit card debts and other loans with banks outstanding) before approval.

With our calculator, these ancillary financial situations are not taken into account. They will only be raised at the time of an actual mortgage application.

Most of the online mortgage calculators are dynamic in that a potential homebuyer can see what the monthly repayments are like over varying terms. But comparing the cheapest lenders is probably the best asset of the online mortgage calculator.

Calculators can even show what repayment structure is evident from increasing monthly payments over the term. There are often times during the mortgage when you can pay a bit more and clear the full mortgage repayment earlier.

However, some lenders will impose a penalty or fee (as it likes to call it) when a repayment to clear a mortgage is completed earlier than the original agreed term.
Many of the online mortgage calculators will ask you what you are looking to do. Basically these are:

  • Buying the first ever home
  • Transferring an existing mortgage
  • Moving home
  • Engaging in the Buy to Let process

It is worth noting the Buy to let market may evoke higher interest rates than those for a first time buyer. In most cases, the mortgage calculators allow you to see if the repayments are affordable; and if not, you can change the term of the mortgage to see if stretching the lifetime of the loan decreases monthly repayments to something more achievable.

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